Humphrey Jacobs I

FROM: Atlanta, GA

Born at 6:05 eastern on a Saturday night in Atlanta, Georgia, Humphrey Jacobs was destined to be a major player in the world of professional wrestling. Jacobs inherited millions from his father, but is determined to chart his own course (hence the Roman numeral I after his name) declaring himself the first in a long line of champions and true leader of the Jacobs lineage. Often seen around town in one of his many luxury cars, or lounging by the pool at one of his mansions, HJ1 lives by the three C’s: Character, Class and Charisma. Fed up with the “flippy s***” perverting his beloved sport, HJ1 has vowed to bring a classic attack back to pro wrestling, and exults himself “The King of Old Style.

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Twitter: @KingOfOldStyle