Dustin Uhrich

FROM: Berthoud

One half of 2 Cool Dudes, Dustin “Not That Cool” Uhrich trained under Jeff Michaelis and Billy Roberts at the APWA (Altitude Pro Wrestling Academy). Dustin started his professional wrestling career in 2005 with Fusion Pro Wrestling. Generally a more straight forward mat based wrestler using several throws, hard hitting moves and incorporating his ameteur wrestling background as well. His biggest rivals have been Mr. Intensity Jeff McAllister and Mercury Matt Yaden leading to many brutal encounters in the ring. While mostly on his own he has formed alliances with Sensational Paul Diamond, Duff Doyle, Sugar Free Mario Vanjur and Zero Cool Tony Martin. Dustin has participated in many training seminars over the years with Les Thatcher, Al Snow, Mickie James & Magnus, Chris Hero, Terry Taylor, AJ Styles, Abyss, Rob Conway and Dr. Tom Pritchard leading to him challenging Pritchard for his Southern Heavyweight Championship. Although unsuccessfull in that attempt he has won the NWA Western States Tag Team Cup with Duff Doyle and the Fusion Pro Wrestling Championship. After Fusion closed it’s doors Uhrich bounced around promotions before finding a new home in NRW (New Revolution Wrestling). After taking a break from competition Dustin Uhrich returned to action in 2015 taking on a wide range of new talent in NRW. While still looking forward to future competition with his own career he currently is helping shape the stars of tomorrow as a trainer with the Mercury Pro Wrestling Academy.

Facebook: dustin.uhrich
Twitter: @DustinUhrich