Rocky Mountain Pro Season 1 Episode 2 Charged Highlights

Tonight, in the VERY FIRST EPISODE from THE QUARRY, a RABID CROWD witnesses TNA Superstar Marti “FOXY” Bell arrive on the scene, only to attack the returning Nga T as she was going about her business in a bathroom stall, an all-out 4-way war to determine the #1 Contender for the Rocky Mountain Pro Championship between Hoodlum, Anaya, Humphrey Jacobs I and Champion, former NXT star Sam Udell. (f Sam wins he gets a bye). Finally, RMP owner, Matt Yaden, is booked in a street fight against one-half of the RMP Tag Team Champions, HR Nightmare member Jason Jaxon, by his former friend and nemesis Titus Machiavelli. Vince Russo also appears on the show at the RMP General Manager. Under an hour and three times the excitement you get from a 3-hour RAW!