Rocky Mountain Pro Charged ITV #100 FULL EPISODE

It’s another landmark event in Rocky Mountain Pro’s history. Episode 100 of Charged!

But this episode has intrigue surrounding it as well as excitement from the Rocky Mountain’s best wrestling action. This week, CEO Titus Machiavelli want answers from Humphrey Jacobs the first. Is he in the 4 Point Cartel or is he not?

The Lockettes are in action but not how you have ever seen them before. Angel Trinity and Alliegato face off in a street fight in the back area of the Nighthawk Brewery!

In the Main Event; Mario Vanjur, Rolls Royce Isaacs & Anaya compete in a Triple Threat Match to determing a #1 Contender to Curtis Cole’s Charged Championship. Will the $PC, Cody Devine or Female get involved?