Cat Got Your Tongue

Cat Got Your Tongue

by Josh Reitze


Happy new year Rocky Mountain fans, here at Rocky Mountain Pro we’ve taken it upon ourselves the responsibility of being the best damn wrestling promotion in Colorado. 2017, we plan to make our year, not only for us, but for you as well. Already, in the early parts of January, staff sat with owner Matt Yaden to discuss our future as a company including shows, philosophy going forward and a special event coming up that wrestling fans will surely love. Fans, there’s never been a better time to be a wrestling fan or be introduced to this great art form. All that being said let’s jump into our first interview of 2017.

Allie Gato

When I first found Rocky Mountain Pro Wrestling, one of the first aspects I found to be unique in was its women’s division. Though small, the women of RMP have truly impressed me with their athleticism and storytelling. Growing up in the 90’s on Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman, it should shock no one that I gravitated toward the alley cat, Allie Gato. We sat down at the Mercury Pro Wrestling Academy to talk wrestling inspirations and aspirations.

Allie Gato is one of the top contenders to the Lockettes Championship and one of the most intense wrestlers we have in Rocky Mountain Pro Wrestling. Naturally, I inquired about her in-ring style and furious offense in the ring.

Me, Allie, just the regular person is very thoughtful & a sweetheart”, but you’d never guess that when she’s brawling with her competitors. Most of what I’ve seen of her matches, has her stamping out her opponents as best she can, stemming from her training. “I’ve always been intense, I guess that just how I was trained.” Allie, who’s been in a feud with not only Nanny AC but also Unholy Trinity, has been many time the aggressor in their matches. Evidenced by Nanny and hers’ grueling street fight. When asked about whose matches she prefers to watch, Gato had no problem naming a great striker in Mickie James and a hard hitting technical submissionist in Becky Lynch. But, most interesting, was her enthusiasm when speaking about Lucha Underground’s Ivelisse, a talented luchador with an intense attitude. “I’ve been more into Ivelisse…I really like her style, she’s a badass.

Allie taking the fight to the former Angel Trinity

Lucha Underground as most know is a promotion based in California focusing on the Lucha style of Pro Wrestling, something Allie has been a fan of since seeing it. “Watching Lucha Underground, I’m blown away by how athletic they are.” Allie as of now has a pretty grounded approach to offense in the ring but did express a desire to learn more styles and become as athletic as someone like Ivelisse. Explaining, “I have a hard time just doing a back flip and landing on my feet”; but time and practice will ensure that this cat lands on its feet. Luckily for her, she had a chance to meet Chavo Guerrero, nephew to the late great Eddie Guerrero. Chavo’s legendary family is known the world over for their technique and prowess in the ring along with their versatility in every promotion they’ve competed in. “I learned a lot from him,” Allie explained, “[Chavo] and his family learned American style, Lucha, Japanese style. That stuck with me.

When asked about the future, Allie further expressed her desire to learn and hone her craft. Proclaiming, “[I’m] probably most confident doing a nice lock-up,” as well as a desire to expand outside the walls of Rocky Mountain Pro. But most of all, she wants competition. “I really want there to be more girls.” And competition she will get. With Mercury Pro Wrestling Academy, new talent is always around the corner, which means more chances for Allie to sharpen her claws. Allie briefly spoke on incoming students and talent, “You can do all the prep you need, doing cardio & practicing promos in the mirror but once you’re in that ring, it’s totally different…everything feels unnatural at first. [But] your body gets used to it.

With the Lockettes Championship always in her sights, Allie Gato looks to continue to be one of standout talents Rocky Mountain Pro has on its roster, male or female. Along with her aggressive style in the ring and her sweet disposition outside, Allie looks to have a bright future in this business.